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Sippel Painting

  • Blasting:
    – Efficient removal of heavy mill scale requires industrial blasting equipment.
    – Blast media consists of steel shot beads and abrasive grit.

    – Continuous feed wheel type blast machine handles parts 12 ft x 3 ft by any length.
    – Enclosed blast room processes oversize parts up to 50+ tons.

  • Prime Paint through High Performance Coatings:
    – Coating options range from single coat plain primer to complex multi-coat High Performance coatings and bitumen-based epoxy.
    – The SSF paint team has decades of experience on varied projects, ensuring quality prep and finish.
    – Steady flow of coating work from fabricators, local, and remote sources.

  • AISC Complex Coating Endorsement:

    – AISC Certification achieved through annual audits per the Complex Coating Endorsement CCE-1 standard.
    – Trained and experienced staff utilize audited QA/QC program for proper monitoring and control of metal surfaces and ambient conditions throughout prep, coating, and curing processes.

  • AESS Finishes:

    – Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) detailing starts with a focus on shape and fit-up for critical parts.
    – Execution on the shop floor is crucial for achieving the desired appearance.
    – Balancing efforts between weld shop and paint shop is key for best fit and finish.
    – AESS at Sippel Steel Fab emphasizes good planning.

  • Heated Workspace and Hot Tents:

    – Heat curing method ensures faster turnaround times without compromising quality.

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