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Audits and Standards: Sippel Steel Fab undergoes annual audits to ensure compliance with AISC Building BU and Bridge SB standards in Production and Document Control, Fabrication, and Inspection. All welders hold certifications to AWS D1.1 standards.

Material Sourcing: Rolled shapes, WF, HSS, and other shapes primarily originate from mills, tailored to individual project specifications. Optimal shipment methods via barge, rail, and truck ensure both cost-effectiveness and adherence to project schedules.

Material Processing:

  • Cut to Length: Utilizing a team of large capacity band saws, materials are precisely cut to length, meeting “Mill” designation standards for columns.
  • Drilled Holes: Drilling operations employ full automatic CNC multi-spindle machines, facilitated by roller-type material handling systems.
  • Cut/Cope/Holes: A fully automated CNC plasma and oxy/fuel processing machine handles cut to length, coping, holes, bevels, and miters of WF and HSS shapes, ensuring accuracy for various cut types.

Angle Connection Material: CNC Anglemaster technology, equipped with triple punch and dual head features, ensures high-speed operations with flexibility for tool and material size changes.

Plate Processing: Base plates, brace plates, gussets, and shear plates, as well as girder web and flange stripping, are managed by a full CNC plasma-oxy-drill-mill system, boasting independent parts unloading and pallet staging capabilities.

Cambering: Three machines offer cold cambering up to W40 and unlimited heat cambering capabilities.

Our capabilities and capacities include:

Cranes and Handling: A fleet of 16 cranes, ranging from 20 to 40 tons, with tandem and auxiliary hoists, alongside an 80-ton pick capacity, ensures efficient handling. Fork machines, with capacities exceeding 20 tons, facilitate yard and shop operations, enabling seamless truckload handling.

Girder Fabrication: Girder assembly stands enhance throughput and precision for heavy and elongated plate girders. Twin automatic submerged arc manipulators and high deposition tandem heads handle long welds on plate girders and box columns.

Automation: Production processes benefit from integrated software solutions for shop drawings, process bills, CNC production machines, and shipping bills, synchronized with erection procedures for seamless operations. Shop floor connectivity facilitates real-time access to material flows, shop drawings, and schedule adjustments.

Transportation: In-house drivers and dedicated semi-tractors manage job site deliveries. Nearly 100 flatbed trailers, configurable for oversize loads, simplify transport logistics. Truckload-pallet configurations streamline the handling of complex or cumbersome loads, optimizing transport efficiency and site logistics.

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