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Detailing Services


Modeling and SDS2:
Sippel Steel Fab uses SDS/2 modeling software for shop drawings and connection calcs. This intuitive and automated modeling software along with integrated connection calcs from within the model streamlines the shop drawing process.

In-House Detailing:
Detailers and modelers working in the steel fab and project management environment bring practical and simple details to even the most complex projects. Problems tend to get ingenious solutions. Schedule pressures never go away, but they are managed with a good team.

BIM Coordination:
Building Information Model or 3D Model is a byproduct of the detailing process. An accurate model of the steel frame adopted by the wider project team becomes THE tool for placement, location and clearance of much of the follow-on construction. Regular meetings of the project team is an integral part of the evolving project 

Detailing – More than Shop Drawings
Steel Detailing has evolved into much more than making blue prints. At SSF a huge amount of effort by an experienced team goes into detailing, to be sure that the full stream of project critical information is incorporated into each drawing.

– Fabrication drawings, fully dimensioned.
– ABM Advance Bills for purchase of mill materials
– Sequence of erection. Each stick has a path to erection
– Automated BOM builds the material flow
– mill to shop to site
– CNC files for processing main and sub parts
– BIM – A 3D model – for follow-on contractor coordination
– Connection design in a format that is suited to the EOR
– Design reactions
– Special processing and special material requirements
– Prep & Paint notes
– Erection Drawings for stick placement and special work

Experience the Difference with Sippel Steel Detailing

With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering superior results, Sippel Steel Detailing stands as your trusted partner for all your detailing needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your next project with our expertise and SDS2 technology.

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